Anchor Pocket Knife Set by Otto Messer

$210.00 AUD


The complete pocket knife set includes: The leather holster with an embossed anchor is the ideal complement for the anchor knife. It protects the knife and makes it possible, thanks to the belt loop, to be worn on a belt as well.

The Belgian slab helps retain the sharp edge of the pocket knife for a long time.

The set is completed by a small flask of Ballistol oil, which is perfect for the care of your anchor knife.

Blade: Rust-proof steel 1.4034 / Handle material: Grenadilla / Blade length: 8.5 cm / Handle length: 9cm 

Handmade in Solingen by famed knife maker Otter-Messer, the Anchor knife is replete with fine detail and quality material: brass inlay, C75 carbon steel, and a granadill hardwood handle chosen for its extreme density and ability to withstand the elements.

Designed in the nautical tradition, the Anchor's blade is a classic sheep's foot pattern, and will make short end of any rope.