French 100% Cotton with Red Who Washes Tea Towel by Charvet Editions

$29.00 AUD

Beautiful French tea towel in crisp 100% cotton featuring  "Qui Lave?...J'essuie! and the english translation "Who washes?...I dry!" in red with a blue stripe.

100% cotton. 

Made by Charvet Editions, woven in Northern France. 

These tea towels are made by Charvet Editions from the finest French cotton, woven in one of the last mills in Armentieres, France.  Charvet has been weaving there for more than a century.  

The tea towels are slightly bigger than usual.  The cloth is woven in a 52cm width so has no need for a hem down the sides - you just see the lovely selvedge.  

These are tea towels of the very finest quality.

100% Cotton
Size 52 x 70cm

Woven and made in France.